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About Micromotion

Our company philosophy – outstanding together

Excellence is our standard

Micromotion stands for technological innovation and the highest level of quality awareness. It is our philosophy to always be a step ahead of what is currently state of the art. We take what is technically feasible and transform it into intelligent innovation. On many occasions our excellence has been honoured, this is the standard against which we measure ourselves daily. You can place high demands on a product from Micromotion.

It’s all about our customers

Our customers' requirements form the basis of our business activity. We develop trusting cooperation through open communication with our customers. You are our priority at all times.

Better together

Micromotion is a young company and teamwork is highly important for us. Our approach is solution and result orientated. Together, we take on challenges creatively and passionately. It’s not enough for us to be good – together we are always better!

Commitment to the highest standards and quality means satisfied customers


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Looking for new professional challenges? A perspective for your future or an entrance to ascent? Our succes is your career!


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Micromotion drive systems all over
the world.


Our company history – we grow with every new challenge


Goals for the future

Why rest on our laurels? Micromotion is young, hungry for technology and focused on the future. We want to continue this philosophy in the coming years. Our products will continue to be one step ahead of the needs of our customers: we want to increase the level of integration of our products and further reduce the dimensions.

The foundation for this has already been laid: in 2015, all production units were reorganised and sales was reorganised in early 2016 and the latest innovations in technology are now being implemented.


Quantum leaps in technology

With the new 6 series, Micromotion revolutionises the market for micro zero backlash gears and again emphatically underscores its ambition to remain the supplier of the world’s smallest zero backlash gearing.

Gear optimisation and increased product performance are just some of the steps taken, whilst innovation in gearing technology the continued miniaturisation continue to shape the way ahead.


Micromotion conquers non-European markets

From the start, the products from Micromotion have been oriented towards the needs of both domestic and international customers. With the USA and South Africa, Micromotion now also supplies the non-European market.

The technological standard is thereby continuously optimised, the first developments for space technology have already been in use for more than two years.


Growth & consolidation of the company

Micromotion continues to grow and the first series customers stabilise business, the product range is expanded, the processes are industrialised. Micromotion introduces a comprehensive quality management system. Processes and procedures are standardised, an error reporting system is implemented and the basis for complete traceability of each individual product established.


Founding of Micromotion GmbH

Micromotion is founded in 2001 at the start of the new millennium. Standards are high right from the beginning – on our work as a team and, of course, on our products. The development of the world’s smallest zero backlash micro gearbox sets the standard on which we continually reorient ourselves.

The technology is followed by numerous awards, among others from the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the trade journal KEM.