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Bring on the challenge

Customised solutions

Whether in industry or research, micro and nanotechnology is now used in numerous sectors. Micromotion specialises in customised solutions based on our customers' needs. Together with you, we analyse requirements and environmental conditions, develop process specific solutions and operationally reliable systems on the highest technical level. During this process, we support you with our extensive experience in engineering and creative application knowledge – combined with 100 percent focus on your requirements.

You tell us what, we’ll tell you how. With batch sizes starting from one.

Your advantages at Micromotion:

  • Modular invoicing
  • Short development and delivery times
  • Very small quantities can also be realised as well as prototypes and small series
  • High levels of integration can be achieved
  • Our know how simplifies the interface oriented connection, handling and mounting of your micro actuator
  • Reduction of interfaces with maximum optimisation of installation space
  • Optimum match for your application

Flowchart of a typical customer project:


Step 1: Project start

Approx. 1/2 weeks

  • Acceptance of the requirement profile for the application
  • Customer specified time frame for the implementation
  • Customer specified target price and required quantity of prototypes and series’


Step 2: Project sketch

Approx. 1/2 weeks

  • Description of functionalities and requirements
  • Design concept
  • Draft of a schedule for project realisation


Step 3: Requirement specification

Approx. 2 weeks

  • Definition of applicable documents and terminology
  • Definition of the requirements and of the system scope
  • Description of the system characteristics
  • Development order


Step 4: Realisation of the prototype

Approx. 9 weeks

  • Calculations and simulations
  • Creation of the complete drawing with interfaces
  • Release of the complete system by the customer
  • Creation of drawings of individual parts
  • Creation of documentation for work packages and measurement protocols
  • Production or ordering of the product components
  • Assembly of the prototype
  • Implementation and qualification of the prototype
  • Delivery


Step 5: Series production

Approx. 4 weeks

  • Integration and adaptation to new or unconsidered boundary conditions
  • Optimisation of individual parameters


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