Micro eccentric drive of the product line KeevoDrive® for applications in vacuum and space

Gears in space

Micromotion actuators in vacuum and space applications

Micromotion drive systems in vacuum environments

Vacuum environments, such as those found in space, pose a difficult challenge when developing drive technology. Applications including satellites, rovers and those with extreme temperature fluctuations and pressures as low as 10-12 bar, place extraordinary demands on system components. To use precise positioning actuator technology in these demanding environments requires specific tribological coatings, special systems materials, as well as non-outgassing gears.

Micro drive technology is designed to overcome these problems. It can be integrated in the smallest of vacuum chambers, which eliminates the need for complex sealing systems and allows a more precise, higher resolution, positioning behaviour to be achieved in the sub-micrometre range. Typical applications involve the positioning and alignment of samples in an electron beam with nanometre precision or the precise adjustment of X-ray monochromator mirrors.

Whether on Earth or on Mars, Micromotion drive systems can be used universally.

Products with which typical applications have been realised in vacuum & space technology:

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