Micro gear box by Micromotion

MaalonDrive ®

Micro positioning gear system

The new MaalonDrive® line is a micro positioning gear system designed for demanding applications. Featuring miniaturised dimensions, the new range uses technology from our parent company Harmonic Drive ® to deliver zero backlash and excellent repeatability values in the range of arc seconds, very high efficiency and impressive torque dynamics.

Advantages and application conditions

MaalonDrive® gear systems can be used practically anywhere there is minimal installation space and where low weight is a critical requirement – even in extreme environmental conditions. They are characterised by high corrosion resistance and the ability to sterilise easily, long service life and use the highest quality materials. They can be installed in an ultra-high vacuum and operate in very high or very low temperatures. With the help of an optional hollow shaft, other applications can be realised. For example, it is possible to supply air or vacuum through the hollow shaft or to guide laser beams or optical fibres through the gear to its central rotary axis.
The gear can also be integrated into machines and products by individually tailoring it to customer requirements.

Small, powerful and absolutely zero backlash: developing the next generation of positioning systems.



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