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Micro technical components, miniature parts and microsystems

Micromotion is specialised in the development and production of micro technical components, miniature parts and microsystems. The worlds smallest zero backlash micro precision gear was developed by us and inspires customers around the world. We have a patented process for manufacturing the smallest components with previously unseen precision using the most advanced materials available. Whether it’s micro components for medical applications or delicate structures for luxury watches, this new technology gives you the means to realise your creativity with the smallest dimensions.

We do more than just micro gears; we make small components with precision possible for all applications.

The manufacturing process follows a proven path. We turn your drawing into a CAD template, which is transferred onto a chrome mask. The two-dimensional mask structures are implanted into a photoresist through "silhouette projection", resulting in three-dimensional negatives after processing. These are then galvanically formed into high-strength metal parts.

The advantages

  • Excellent material yield
  • Extremely fine structure details of less than 0.01 mm
  • Free form surfaces
  • Complex internal and external contours
  • Wide range of material and coating options
  • No tool wear influence

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