Micro linear pusher of the product line RasuunDrive® by Micromotion

RasuunDrive ®

World’s smallest linear actuator with strokes from 3mm

Linear actuators ≥3mm

Linear actuators with a relatively large stroke of more than 3mm can be found in our RasuunDrive® systems. Based on the proven technology of our rotary systems, these micro actuators are designed to deliver ultimate reliability, accuracy and zero backlash, all packaged in an extremely compact and lightweight linear positioning system.
RasuunDrive® systems can be tailored exactly to the controller environment and process control. Two limit switches integrated in the micro actuator ensure high operational reliability without the need for additional linear measurement systems. Through the combination of a micro gearbox with the zero backlash, preloaded nut system, the motor's angular position can be used directly to determine position. This can be calculated via the number of steps for stepper motors or the number of pulses for encoder systems.

Reliable and simple regulation: the world’s smallest linear actuator.


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