MaalonDrive® Hollow 8mm - Type 1


Hollow 8mm - Type 1

Technical Supply Specifications


  • Fast delivery
  • High repeatability
  • Zero backlash with optimised fit between speed and transmission ratio
  • Hollow shaft thru center of rotational axis
  • Preloaded ball bearing


The MaalonDrive® Hollow 8mm - type 1 micro positioning gear is characterised, in particular, by minimal outer dimensions and a hollow shaft through the central rotary axis. Optical or electrical signals can be guided through this shaft, thereby allowing a simple and space-saving design to be realised. At the heart of this precise and reliable micro gearbox is a zero-backlash MaalonDrive® gear with a reduction ratio of 160:1. The preloaded ball bearings on both the input shaft as well as the output shaft result in precise guiding and allow the application to be directly connected.

Technical Parameter

Global System
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